PredatorsCentralVS ConquerorsNorth

20:00, 25 Jan 2021


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Founded in 1984, the club has a long history of winning championships, developing players for state and national team selection

Our History

Schedule & Results

02/04/2012 Leeds Beckett15:20 Conquerors
25/01/2012 Conquerors24:20 Colorado bulls
08/03/2016 Conquerors18:36 Predators
12/03/2016 Predators35:15 Colorado bulls
01/04/2016 Colorado bulls40:22 Leeds Beckett
14/04/2015 Colorado bulls10:26 Conquerors
01/04/2015 Colorado bulls40:22 Leeds Beckett
12/03/2015 Predators35:15 Colorado bulls
17/05/2014 Conquerors14:20 Wembley Stallions
07/05/2013 PredatorsVS Conquerors
25/01/2012 Conquerors24:20 Colorado bulls
02/04/2012 Leeds Beckett15:20 Conquerors
02/06/2022 Conquerors20:18 Predators
17/05/2022 Leeds Beckett14:20 Wembley Stallions
14/04/2022 Colorado bulls10:26 Predators

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final result

Match Review VS. Tyrants

Due to the importance of the game for both teams facing a relegation battle, it took a slow start with both defensive sides forcing turnovers and much of the first quarter action consisted of strong defence.

ConquerorsNorth14:20 Wembley StallionsSouth
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Marco Rüter


Michael Quase


Jakob Zickmann

Defense Line

Malik Lindner

Wide Receiver

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